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50ShadesofGay (FSOG) is community portal that has been at the forefront of social change in India and continues to work towards empowering the South Asian queer community and fostering a society free of prejudice, discrimination and inequality through personal stories, narratives and plain hard facts.

We strive to end discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people and foster a society free of prejudice, harassment, and violence by providing a space to explore and increase your understanding regarding alternative sexualities, gender identity and expression in an open and nonjudgmental environment.

Started in 2016, FSOG has always strived to challenge the status quo and believes in a fair and equal world where everyone can achieve their full potential irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our platform amplifies Indian, Asian and Global queer voices and news to enable the larger society to understand and engage with the rainbow community across the world.

At its very core,

FSOG Believes In

Inclusion and Diversity

across personal, professional and communal spaces.

Sharing and Promoting

open dialogue on queer experiences.

Building a Community

that is collaborative and mutually respectful of each other.

Active Allyship

that works towards meaningful, lasting change in their circle of influence.

Equal Rights and Opportunity

for all regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression

Our team

Aman is the tech wizard at FSOG. He deals with all things related to technology and the web for FSOG, while learning, unlearning and relearning the world around us and how we continue to impact it in our way. When not working, Aman enjoys traveling and trying different kinds of food.

Aman Mehrotra


The founder, editor-in-chief and prime mover. FSOG was started because of Shubham’s core beliefs that everyone, independent of sexual orientation and gender identity, deserves the right to feel safe and supported. She has led FSOG to the forefront of the conversation around social and cultural inclusivity.

Shubham Mehrotra


Abhaya is the lead graphic designer and the creative mind behind FSOG. Based out of New Delhi, he focuses on using his art and graphic skills to forward the cause of inclusivity.

Abhaya Pratap


Sharanya works on creating content that facilitates conversation around gender and sexuality. Her work involves writing and editing on topics pertaining to the queer community of India and the world.

Sharanya Mukhopadhyay


Angel, works on researching and creating content that is relevant to the queer community. Her primary motivation is to promote inclusivity and awareness in the society we belong to.

Angel George




Nikhil writes articles and blogs for FSOG. He is currently pursuing his education in Bangalore and works towards helping the world understand the queer community and all that they stand for.

Nikhil Ranpal



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