Celebrity Parents Who Support Their LGBTQIA+ Children

There are a handful of famous parents who are raising LGBTQIA+ children, and who have also been outspoken about how much they love and support them no matter what. Not all children who are part of the community are fortunate enough to be born into families who will embrace them wholeheartedly. Fortunately, they’ve received a lot of support from their followers and other celebrities, so they’re not alone. The thrill and dread of witnessing your child develop into an entire person outside of your control hit you hard when you become a parent and welcome this brand-new individual into the world. This can instil in you a whole new sense of empathy. We are perplexed by parents who fail to provide their children with unwavering love and support when they come out as LGBTQIA+ because of this innate parental empathy.  

Max and Emme Muiz, who are 14 years old, are the twins of Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony. Emme’s preferences have not been publicly stated, however during a duet performance, J-Lo was careful to refer to her child using they/them pronouns. Lopez remarked, “I constantly ask them to sing with me, but they won’t. “Since they’re so crowded, booked, and expensive, this is a very special event. They cost money when they first come out, but they’re priceless because they’re my all-time favourite duet partner. Please be patient with me.” 

Even if some of them are undoubtedly more vocal than others about fighting for the rights and acceptance of their children, there are many celebrities with LGBTQIA+ children. It’s encouraging to see that not everyone is like that and that these parents are embracing every aspect of who their children genuinely are, despite how cruel the world can be to anyone who seems different. We love to see supportive parents!  

  1. Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union 

  • Their 14 years old daughter Zaya came out as transgender and asked her loving parents to spread the message for her. Leading to Dwayne first sharing the news on Ellen DeGeneres Show, proudly showing support for her daughter! He claimed to be taking his role in her life extremely seriously at the time. On numerous occasions, notably during an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, Dwyane has expressed his love and support for Zaya in front of the public. Gabrielle posted a video of Zaya talking about what she would tell other trans kids going through similar things while riding in a golf cart with her dad on Instagram after Zaya came out.  
  1. Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott 

  • Dean McDermott’s oldest son, Jack, is gay, thus Tori Spelling and McDermott are no strangers to raising an LGBTQIA+ child. When their 15-year-old son Liam came out as trans, their willingness to be supportive was evident. The thing I love about this movie is that I got to share it with my 15-year-old who identifies as trans and my gay son, McDermott wrote in an Instagram story he shared during a screening of his film My Fake Boyfriend in June. McDermott shared a picture of him and his children enjoying Pride. We adore a caring family!  

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  1. Jamie Lee Curtis 

  • With a recent interview with AARP, actress Jamie Lee Curtis stated that she and her husband, Christopher Guest, “have watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby,” and that they are the proud parents of a transgender child. In May 2022, Ruby wed her lover Kynthia, and Curtis officiated the ceremony! Later, she revealed to People that she was picking up “new terms and words” in order to support Ruby the best she could. She acknowledged, “I’m new at it. “I don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject. Furthermore, I’m going to mess up and make mistakes. I want to strive to steer clear of costly errors.” 
    Ruby and her spouse Kynthia were married in May 2022. The best thing, though? It was a heart-warming gesture of support when her renowned mother stepped in to officiate the event. Jamie posted numerous images from the vibrant, cosplay-themed wedding to Instagram with the simple statement “Wife is sweet.” 
  1. Cynthia Nixon  
  • Cynthia Nixon revealed on Instagram that her son is transgender and that she is proud of him for who he is in honour of Trans Day of Action in 2018. Since then, Cynthia has been public about her affection for her son, and in 2019, she told Us Weekly in an interview that allowing him to be who he truly is had been a “nonissue.” 

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  1. Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson 

  • When Magic Johnson’s son, makeup artist EJ Johnson, came out to him as a teenager, he said, “As a dad, I wanted EJ to know that we loved him and would always love him.” “My duty as his parent is to keep him safe. His family and those who know him well would always be proud of him, but there might be those who don’t. Despite the unkindness of some, it wasn’t about him. I intended to prepare him and reassure him of my unwavering support. 
  1. Cindy Barshop 
  • Real Housewives of New York’s Cindy Barshop said of her transgender son Jesse, who came out at age 6, that “trans children, they know their identity.” The most crucial point is that it’s not about sexuality. People ask, “Well, how do they know?” because of this. It’s not a sexuality; it’s a shift in identity. The only clarification I wish to make is that. Additionally, you must be honest with your kids. 
  1. R. Kelly & Drea Kelly 

  • One of the kids that R. Kelly and Hollywood Exes actress Drea Kelly share, Jaah Kelly, came out as trans at the age of 13, shared his experience with his Instagram followers, and made it very clear that he is a male. Jaah’s mother, Drea, told VH1 shortly after he came out how much she loved him and how much she was inspired by his boldness. 

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  1. Sade 

  • Izaak, the son of Sade, originally came out as trans in a 2016 Instagram post in which he informed his followers that he would be transitioning and beginning hormone therapy. Izaak underwent surgery in the summer of 2019, moving on with his change. Izaak shared a post with a photo of his mother in September 2019 following his surgery, praising her for her support even though Sade hasn’t publicly remarked on Izaak’s transition. 
  1. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt 
    Shiloh Jolie-parents, Pitt’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are now divorced. Although Angelina has claimed that Shiloh “wants to be a male” and favours dressed in unfeminine clothing, we are still unsure of whether Shiloh identifies as trans. Angelina made these remarks in 2010, but at the time she just attributed them to their “Montenegro” style. Shiloh prefers the name John, according to Brad. 

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