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We’re going to wonder how homophobia even existed?” 

Homophobia is the hatred or fear of homosexuals – that is, lesbians and gay men. 

Indian superstar- Imran Khan, knows better than to support homophobia. A cheeky, sarcastic and one of the very few Bollywood Celebrities who openly advocates for LGBT rights, condemns Section 377 and prejudices involved with the community. 

He has previously been quoted as saying that he is open to playing a gay character on screen, making him a rarity in Bollywood, where roles are often assigned along traditional, more conservative lines. 

When asked about it, he confirmed” Sure, why not! As an actor, the only thing that I look for is the chance to play an interesting character.” 

He even suggested Ranbir Kapoor for the role.  Way to go Imran! 

“We will take all the prejudices and amplify them until people realise that what they’re doing is wrong. This has become a cultural and moral issue, but morals are subjective. They are opinions, not facts. Sadly, in this country, laws are based on morality and not legality.” 

Imran Khan was roped in by the All India Bakchod to speak against the Section 377 and the prevalent homophobia with some very sarcastic answers. Check his video here- 

He further states that gay rights are basic human rights that people are being denied of. Homosexuals are not minority. FSoG supports you, Imran! 

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