8 Jaw Dropping and Unusual Sexual Practices from Around the World that Still Exist 

Experimenting with various stuff in the bedroom is nothing new. Be it trying out various sex positions or sex toys, all are pretty exciting and crazy at the same time. Adding such exciting chapters to your sex life helps maintain the excitement and enjoyment in romantic relationships.  

But what if such experiments, which belong to the extreme end of the spectrum, are a part of your culture? A tradition you must follow whether you approve of them or not?  

Before you answer that question, have a look at some of these crazy and weird sexual practices from around the world that will leave you astounded!  

1. Indonesia: Sex out of marriage as part of the Pon celebration 

In Indonesia, there’s a tradition during the Pon celebration where people can have sex with someone other than their spouse. It’s based on a myth that says couples must spend the night with someone else and have sex. If they have sex with the same partner for all seven celebrations, it’s believed to bring good luck and wishes. 

2. Ancient Egypt: Public masturbation ceremonies 

The people believed that the Nile’s ebb and flow were caused by their god of creation’s ejaculation. As a result, men would perform a spiritual act of masturbation into the Nile to ensure their crops had enough water. It was a belief that was deeply ingrained in their culture. 

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3. Rural Austria: Women feed armpit flavoured apples to their partners 

In rural Austria, there’s a tradition where young women perform a dance and put slices of apples in their armpits. Once the dance is over, they offer a slice of apple to the man they’re interested in, and he eats it. This act symbolizes that the man will always seek out sexual pleasure. 

4. Sambian tribe: Girls and boys are supposed to drink semen 

The Sambian tribe from New Guinea follows a custom where they separate boys from girls at a very young age, typically between 7 to 10 years old. During this time, the children go through rigorous practices that include piercings, nose bleeding, and consuming the semen of the tribe’s strongest warriors. These practices are part of the tribe’s oral history. 

5. Mangaia: Old women take younger boys as sexual partners 

Mangaia is the southernmost island among the southern group of the Cook Islands, which is a self-governing country in free association with New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. This island is known for a peculiar sexual custom where adolescent boys engage in sexual activities with older women who instruct them on ways to satisfy their future partners. 

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6. Kreung Tribe: Love huts for girls 

The Cambodian tribe calles Kreung is popular worldwide for their ‘love huts’. These huts are built for teenage daughters by the elders of their family. Several men would enter the hut to get intimate with these girls, until she zero downs on her soul mate for the rest of her life.  

7. Haiti: Sex as part of the religious rite 

In Haiti, physical intimacy is intertwined with religious beliefs. It’s believed that engaging in sexual activity pleases the goddess of love and brings peace and love to married life. Additionally, there are strange black magic practices performed as part of spiritual beliefs. Men and women take naked baths together under a waterfall and engage in sexual dancing

8. Chattisgarh: Sexual encounters with no strings attached 

Muria tribe from the Chhattisgarh region of Central India practices a custom called Ghotul, where young men and women come together and spend time singing, dancing, and engaging in sexual activity. At night, they engage in sexual intercourse, and to prevent pregnancy, girls consume a natural herbal contraceptive in the form of liquor. 

Returning to the question we posed earlier, what would you do if you were expected to follow such traditions?  

We would love to hear your thoughts on these unusual practices.  

Image Credits: World History Encyclopaedia 

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