Myth: Some lesbians want to be men. 

Fact: No. Lesbians who appear more masculine do so for fashion or comfort. There is a wide variety of gender expression in both men and women regardless of sexual orientation. 

Myth: All lesbians hate men. 

Fact: Not true again. Most lesbians carry on long-lasting and emotionally satisfying friendships with men. They are only sexually and emotionally attracted to another woman.  

Myth: You can’t know if you are a lesbian unless you sleep with a woman. 

Fact: No, you do not have to sleep with someone in order to know you are attracted to them. The same holds true for heterosexuals. You know who you’re attracted to, without sleeping with them.  

Myth: Lesbians are attracted to all women. 

Fact: If a person is attracted to one specific gender this does not mean that they are attracted to all members of that gender. This is true for both men and women, regardless of which gender they are attracted to. 

Myth: Being a lesbian is a choice and can be changed. 

Fact: One’s sexual orientation is an inborn trait. You DO NOT choose to be a homosexual, lesbian, gay, transsexual or heterosexual.  

Myth: Lesbians just haven’t met the right man yet 

Fact: Many lesbians haven’t met the right woman yet, but meeting a man has nothing to do with it. 

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