Pammi Aunty is the reflection of the current society of Punjabi Aunties

In India, you’d expect a 50-something Punjabi Aunty to sit at home all day gossiping with other such aunties on the phone, bickering about tv serials and their daughter-in-laws. Our next ally, Pammi Aunty manages to keep those stereotypes alive, with some much-needed refreshing changes.  

In the words of her creator, actor and comedian Summier Pasricha, “Pammi Aunty is the reflection of the current society of Punjabi Aunties” 

Through her videos where she talks to Sarla Behenji about a plethora of topics including women empowerment and LGBT rights, Pammi Aunty depicts a progressive side of the Indian society. In one of her viral videos, Pammi aunty comes to know of Handa Behenji’s son’s engagement being broken due to him being gay. She addresses the issue with a comical and a refreshingly mature take on it saying “Handa Behenji should be happy she can have all her jewelry to herself now” and “It’s good he didn’t ruin a girl’s life that way”. 

In her chat with Fifty Shades of Gay to discuss her take on LGBTQ rights, she urged all Indians to support people from the LGBTQIA community. She said children were “God’s blessing” and didn’t get to choose who they wanted to love. People should support their kids, grandkids, brothers and sisters who come out in the open about their sexual and gender identity as it is a tough decision for them and they require the support of their loved ones. She even went on to say that for all those who do not have the support of their loved ones, she will always support them wholeheartedly.  

She spoke about the wide spectrum of the LGBTQIA community which is widening continuously with additions of Intersex and Asexual people also. She broke the acronym down to explain what each one meant and said it was extremely important for people to be aware about them. 

Pammi Aunty also shot a series of six videos called “In The Classroom with Pammi Aunty” talking about various issues plaguing the Indian society at present. The topics ranged from how far India has come in terms of gender equality to why straight Indians should support the community like she does. She even addressed the hypocrisy of many Indians who believe it is okay for someone else’s child to be gay but when the same happens to them, they take their children to “babas” to get them cured. 

Pammi Aunty pledged her full support to the LGBTQIA community and Fifty Shades of Gay as an ally. She said that it was time young and old people alike stood up in support of the community and protested for their much needed rights so they could live an independent and fulfilling life like all other Indians. 

Through the support of Pammi Aunty and several other denlightened Indians, Fifty Shades of Gay is a thriving campaign that addresses the need for equal rights of all Indians. Together with your support, we can make India a better, more inclusive place to live in. To pledge your support and join our movement, drop us an e-mail at   

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